Usage Magazine


Usage Magazine is a new biannual cosmetic and beauty focused magazine. Paris based but written in English, Usage Magazine showcases the products with a non-commercial but artistic aesthetic.

Usage Magazine is born with the idea that today, the beauty industry is losing its creativity whilst climbing a commercial escalator. In order to bring back this creativity and beauty jobs back to the foreground, such as hairdressers and makeup artists who have all been left behind, we have created Usage Magazine.

Usage Magazine includes worldwide to niche brands, curated by quality, not by hype.

As beauty is made to be contemplated, we display the beauty within still-life focused photo series. We gave “carte blanche”/a free pass, if you will, to all our contributors in order to offer them the opportunity to express their talent and their creativity.

We want to break the already established frontiers between art and commerce by handing over the baton to creatives. We are proud to give you exclusive content thanks to the trust, the energy and the support of all our contributors

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